Thank Forgan it’s Friday The Classic Gin and Tonic Put your favourite gin glass in the freezer and leave it in there for at least 30 minutes Remove the glass from the freezer drop a couple of ice cubes in it. Add a very generous pour of Forgan Gin, when you think there’s enough add some more. Add a splash or two of tonic, you won’t need much because Forgan Gin is so smooth and you don’t want to drown the subtle scents, aromas and taste. Less is more. Garnish with a slice or 2 of lemon. I like to give the rind light squeeze to release some of the oils and waft if over the glass. You’re now ready to start the weekend, and what a great way to start it. #ThankForgan #ForganGin #G&T #cocktail #friday #chill #ThankForganItsFriday

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